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TISS Engine 2




"TISS ENGINE is a user-friendly CMS designed for creating and managing engaging content. With powerful features such as media management, interactive elements, and SEO tools, TISS ENGINE helps you optimize your content for maximum impact. Our flexible and customizable platform allows you to extend the functionality of your CMS and meet your unique needs. Whether you're a small business, large enterprise, or nonprofit organization, TISS ENGINE can help you achieve your content goals. Contact us today to learn more.

TISS ENGINE© is licensed by Afrang Developer Team.


  • TISS ENGINE 2.0 features:
  • Changed admin panel from NUXT to NEXT.js
  • Implemented new API system and improved security
  • Added new TISS Advanced Editor and Image Uploader system
  • Updated MongoDB driver to the latest version
  • Fixed bugs in managing images and articles
  • Added new product manager and product entry functionality
  • Updated Express.js router system
  • Implemented Material UI design system